George Griffiths

The song ‘Everybody’s Gay’ was written by Steve Aruni’s Grandfather George Griffiths. It was to be performed by the great Frank Sinatra, who considered it to be “one of the most uplifting songs I’ve ever heard”.

It was due to be released in the spring of 1968 and would have been George Griffiths’ big break had it not been for a gradual change in the meaning of the word gay. Previously used to convey feelings of carefree happiness, it was now more frequently being used to describe homosexuality, which hadn’t gone unnoticed by the Sinatra team. They were by now concerned enough to pull out.

George Griffiths could never recreate the same interest in anything he did again and sadly died unknown and penniless in Barry, South Wales. Unknown that is, to everyone but the great Frank Sinatra, who knew what he was capable of. How many of us can say that?

The song has been lovingly recreated by his Grandson Steve Aruni and Marco Della Luche.